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The more people are committed, the more datas we have and the more powerful we are to put pressure on brands, shops and retailers.

Want to make known that you are committed and you are visible ?

Here are some communication to help you !  

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Identify suspect plastics while shopping in stores or online



Take pictures of the spotted suspect plastics with your phone



Send the picture and data of the plastic to our analysts

Report a suspect plastic

As citizens, wherever you are in Europe, you can take part in this mobilisation, the principle of the operation is very simple.

Whenever you go shopping, keep an eye out for illegal single-use plastics.

If you find any, take a photo of the suspect product and report it on the reporter form.

Just indicate the type of product, the brand and the place where it was found and attach the photo.

And you are done!

You can track down suspect plastics in traditional shops, but also in e-shops. In that case, take a screenshot of the product online and copy-paste the URL as the address.

They already joined the rebellion

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Now you are S.U.Re to fight against single use plastic